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Fika (Fee-KA) Swedish Tradition. Social – Fika (coffee and cake in Sweden)

Kaffe (Ka-fey) coffee
Take time out of the business of life for coffee, cake and friendship.

Welcome to Fika! The exclusive home of Swedish and Scandinavian baking in New Zealand. Professional pastry chefs Peter and Zoë Fincham handcraft authentic Swedish cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) dusted all over with premium cinnamon sugar or sprinkled with purl sugar, Swedish gingerbread biscuits (pepparkakor), Swedish gingerbread cakes (pepparkakor kake), kringlor (Swedish butter cookie), Swedish semlor (a soft cardamon flavoured bun filled with almond paste and fresh cream) and much more. We sell a selection of our Swedish and Scandinavian cakes and biscuits online, and also sell freshly baked goods at three Central Otago markets.

With three market locations in Central Otago, and online shopping available, Fika serves up some of the most authentic and delicious Swedish and Scandinavian pastries, cakes, biscuits and breads in New Zealand.

Here you can order the stunning and delicious Kransekage/Kransekake, a Scandinavian speciality, We specialise exclusively in this very beautiful cake that is very popular with Danish and Norwegians for weddings and special occasions and is handmade here in Central Otago, New Zealand.

The Kransekage/kransekake is made from our finest handmade almond marzipan for a true authentic taste. Decorated with traditional fresh white royal icing. Danish or Norwegian flags are optional. The Kransekage/Kransekake is gluten free.

You can purchase FIKA products online – please click here to visit our shop.

We look forward to sharing our love of FIKA and all things Scandinavian with you!

Peter & Zoë

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A Norwegian tradition earning pride of place for all special celebrations from Birthday’s to Weddings, Christmas and New Years. The Kransekake is a splendid flour less, gluten-free alternative to standard celebratory cakes.

A tower of handcrafted delicious chewy almond wreaths decorated with traditional ribbons of fresh white Royal Icing, fabric ribbons and tiny Norwegian flags.  Very pretty and very Scandinavian – one of the hottest cake trends in Europe right now!